Project Update

The project is not dead! Since the "revolution" in the Ukraine is now over, Alexandr can also do some more work on the Firewire driver. The Firewire specific part of the sbp2 protocol is now implement, what is left is the OS/2 specific part. After this is done, a new Beta version will be released.

First alpha release of the IEEE 1394a - Firewire driver for OS/2 and eCS

Today,, the OS/2 User Group Dresden and Alexandr Cherkaev are releasing the first alpha version of the IEEE 1394a - Firewire driver set for OS/2 and eComStation. This version does not yet enable you to use external Firewire hard drive cases, it will only show if your Firewire controller is supported by this driver! Install the driver and use the included resource manager to see if the driver did correctly recognize your Firewire controller!

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